The Energizing Set

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Shine like the brightest star

This set is packed with super ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol and niacinamide to brighten and energize dull and oily skin, as well as teas packed with the protein your body needs - collagen. For holistic beauty, both inside and out, this is the set for you.


Vitamin C moisturizer:
1. Wash your face.
2. Pump moisturizer.
3. Gently apply to neck & face area.
4. Repeat day & night

Retinol serum:
1. Wash your face.
2. Apply your serum.
3. Finish off with an eye treatment.
4. Repeat day & night.

Collagen tea:
1. Add one tea bag to cup
2. Pour near boiling water over tea bag
3. Leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes
4. Drink

Youth boost face mask:
1. Wash your face
2. Squeeze a small amount of product
3. Gently apply to face and neck area for 10 minutes
4. Rinse off with warm water

Vitamin C moisturizer:
Energized & glowing looking skin
Lightening hyperpigmentation and brown spots
Evening out skin tone
Reducing redness caused by drying

Retinol serum:
Minimizing breakouts
Fine lines and wrinkles
Sun spots, discoloration and hyperpigmentation
Usage by men and women

Collagen tea:
Strengthening skin, hair, nails & joints
Smoother, firmer looking skin
Stimulating collagen production

Youth boost face mask:
Hydrating & firming skin
Fighting the signs of aging
Achieving a youthful glow

Vitamin C moisturizer:
Vitamin C
Vitamin B5
Jojoba Oil
Shea Butter
Vitamin E

Retinol serum:
Vitamin E
Jojoba Oil
Green Tea

Collagen tea:
Collagen Hydrolsate

Youth boost face mask:
Vitamin B3
White Tea Extract
Aloe Juice

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