5 Reasons to Love Argan Oil

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If you’re anything like us you appreciate smooth, supple skin. And if you’re really anything like us, clean and effective ingredients are a non-negotiable when it comes to body care (and skincare & haircare!). With the colder winter months fast approaching, we wanted to make sure we created a remedy for dull, dry skin, which is where argan oil comes into play. Argan oil is rich in fatty acids & antioxidants to provide deep hydration & nourishment while fighting visible signs of aging, which makes it the ideal ingredient for head-to-toe hydration.

 We’re breaking down the top 5 reasons why we love argan oil and think you should too! 


1. It’s Super Moisturizing

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, which is fat-soluble antioxidant that can help improve water retention in the skin. Unlike a lot of other moisturizing oils, argan oil does not have a greasy finish. In other words, argan oil is the ultimate hydration hero that everyone can benefit from! 


 2. It’s Safe for All Skin Types

While some oils are too heavy for oily skin, and are too light for dry skin, argan oil is just right for all skin types! If you have dry, aging, or dull skin you’ll love the deeply moisturizing & youth boosting benefits. And if you have combination, oily or acne prone skin types you’ll love the antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe your skin.


3. It has Anti-Aging Properties

Argan oil has been used as a natural beauty booster for centuries, and for good reason! It deeply nourishes the skin to help minimize fine lines & wrinkles. When applied topically, the antioxidant properties of argan oil reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. The omega fatty acids found in argan oil help to boost skin elasticity which can help aid in fine line prevention.


4It Protects from Sun Damage

No matter your lifestyle, sun exposure and some occasional sun damage is inevitable. Luckily, incorporating argan oil-based products that are rich in antioxidants into your body care routine can help fight against and repair hyperpigmentation & free radical damage caused by sun exposure.


5. It’s Vegan

Argan oil is a natural plant oil that’s made from the kernels that grow on argan trees exclusively in Morocco, where it is often referred to as ‘liquid gold.’ In fact, in its pure form, argan oil can be ingested & has similar health benefits as olive oil. Since argan oil is naturally occurring, it is vegan, however it is important to note that several topical argan oil products are NOT vegan due to certain additives or additional ingredients. It was important for us as a brand to maintain the integrity of the argan oil, which is why our argan oil body lotion is 100% vegan.



As you can see, we’re all about Argan oil, which is why we just launched a brand new argan oil body lotion! Our 10oz lotion is jam packed with argan oil, shea butter & aloe vera to replenish dry skin and rough spots, fight signs of aging & lock in lasting moisture and it’s available NOW exclusively on baebody.com.

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