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Something you may not know about baebody, is that we are not an only child. In fact, we come from a pretty amazing family line of good-for-you brands that all complement each other in the best ways. (If we do say so ourselves!) From 100% clean products & little nuggets of joy, to men’s grooming products that take you back to prohibition times, the brands we love are the perfect curation of products for you and every person in your life.

We’re excited to introduce you to these rockstar brands that you can now purchase directly on And to celebrate, we are offering 15% off with code: brandlove.

Nügg Beauty – face masks and lip products that are cute and clean

One of baebody’s most requested products is a face mask… and in 2020 we honestly have to confirm exactly what you mean. With Nügg beauty’s cute and clean products added to our website, now we have you covered… at least from a skincare face mask standpoint! These award-winning nuggets of goodness are designed to make you feel great in your skin – not only by addressing specific skin issues but also by making your skin feel soft, smooth and silky! Nügg believes in a gentle, long-term approach to skincare that helps protect your skin barrier function. Because, after all, your skin is meant to form a barrier to keep irritants out and moisture in! So, with all that, all we can say now is “You’re welcome!” Aqua boost is a personal favorite of our team for the ultimate moisture boost. However, Nügg has a mask for almost every skin type! Take a look and maybe even try the variety pack to figure out your perfect match. (15% off with code: BRANDLOVE)

Suki Skincare – 100% clean, prestige skincare that’s good for the planet

You know that you’ve come to the right place at baebody when you’re looking for help with your wrinkles, dark circles, dandruff and more everyday skincare concerns. But when it comes to prestige products that are clinically proven to help rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and more, our friends at Suki Skincare are the masters. Due to chronic eczema compounded by extremely sensitive skin, the founder of Suki Skincare started formulating in her kitchen to create skincare solutions strong enough to treat skin problems but safe enough for those with highly sensitive skin. The Suki team continues that amazing work by collaborating with dermatologists, scientists, and countless others to ensure they’re innovating with the latest in clean technology. This allows them to provide 100% clean, synthetic-free, scientifically advanced skin care solutions safe enough for all skin types and safe on the planet. (We love a good earth-friendly brand!) We highly recommend starting with the EFC (exfoliate foaming cleanser). The sweet smell of sugar and lemongrass oil paired with the blemish-fighting, cleansing ingredientsis a life-changer in just one shower.  (15% off for a limited time with code BRANDLOVE)

18.21 Man Made elevated grooming for the modern gentleman 

 As our founding trio at 18.21 say, “Don’t take any wooden nickels!” (Be cautious and don’t get swindled.) Their approach is to provide manly, uncommon goods which feel uniquely American in nature and provide a nostalgic yet modern grooming experience. And, they meticulously form this experience through the use of exceptional materials, choice ingredients and the custom crafted aroma of sweet tobacco in their body wash and hair care formulas. The 18.21 collection has a wide variety of products for the men in your life, including shaving cream, deodorant, beard balm and more. It’s a totally different vibe and all their items are crafted with an intricate eye to make you feel like you’ve time traveled back to prohibition. If you’re a man with facial hair or love a man with facial hair, you need to check out the Spiced Vanilla Shave Glide. It comes in a beautiful green glass bottle and can be used for pre-shave, during your share and after shave. This product has a hard time staying on the shelves and now you can try it with us for 15% off, winner winner. (use code: BRANDLOVE)


There’s no better time than the holidays to introduce you to our family! We hope that you love the brands that we LOVE and are able to share them this holiday season with your friends and family.

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