5 Reasons to Love Peptides

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We all know there are a lot of skin care ingredients that promise to improve your skin’s appearance. Some are more hype than action, but some of them are worth trying – peptides definitely being one of them! You may be thinking to yourself “peptides? huh?” and to that we say, we’ve got you covered! As experts in self-care, we’re sharing our top 5 reasons to love peptides & why they are a must in your daily routine.

First things first, what are peptides? Peptides are tiny but mighty chains of amino acids and they are the building blocks of protein in our bodies. They play a crucial role in our bodies’ natural protein production. They stimulate muscle growth, strengthen our immune systems and improve skin health. Although peptides are naturally occurring in our bodies, applying peptides topically comes with lots of added skin loving benefits! They provide long-lasting hydration, firmer skin & much more!          

We are firm believers in the power of peptides, which is why it is a key ingredient in our best-selling eye gel and now our newly released travel size eye gel.


It reduces inflammation

The skin around the eyes is both thin and sensitive, making that area susceptible to inflammation aka the dreaded puffy eye look. Luckily, peptides have been shown to help ease under eye inflammation for even the most sensitive skin types.   


It stimulates collagen production

Peptides are molecules that can penetrate the skin's outer layer easily allowing ingredients to sink deeply into your skin for added beauty benefits. Peptides naturally help our bodies generate new collagen proteins. As collagen breaks down, these peptides stimulate new collagen production. To put thing into perspective, after the age of 20 our bodies produce 1% less collagen. No need to panic! We can stimulate collagen production topically, and from the inside out with our collagen tea.


It helps reduce wrinkles  

With the stimulation of new collagen, one of the glowing beauty benefits you can expect from topically applying peptides is more youthful skin. Additional collagen production makes the skin firmer & plumper which results in less visible fine lines & wrinkles– who doesn’t want that?!


It improves the skin barrier

The skin barrier is made up of thousands of cells that protect the body from various toxins like environmental stressors, bacteria and harmful ultraviolet rays. The skin barrier is incredibly delicate and can be damaged by various factors like over-exfoliation or poor lifestyle habits that can affect its function. Ingredients like powerhouse peptides help to rebuild and restore the skin’s barrier so you can put your best face forward. 


It locks in hydration

We already know that peptides have some amazing anti-aging qualities, but did you know peptides also help lock in healthy hydration? That’s right, increased collagen = increased hydration and we are totally here for it.




Let’s recap, shall we? If you’re looking for smoother, firmer and all-around healthier skin & under eyes, it is time to incorporate peptides to your self-care routine. And if you are looking to learn more about our best-selling eye gel or our collagen products check out their product pages!








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