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Before we jump into the holiday season, the big meals & the shopping sprees, we want to take a quick step back to remember what this season is all about. What are we most thankful for this year? Of course, we are thankful for family, friends and good health during these unprecedented times, but we are also very thankful for YOU - our baebody fans who have been with us every step of 2020! Our small-but-mighty team is so grateful to have such passionate brand fans. We appreciate your support more than you know & we love hearing from you. We asked some of our loyal baebody fans what they are thankful for this year. See what they had to say…


Stephanie: Baebody loyal fan

Baebody products I’m most thankful for: Eye Gel & Vitamin C Moisturizer!”

Why did you start using baebody: “I started using Baebody Eye Gel right after I turned 30, 5 years ago, I saw an article on Buzzfeed about must have skin care products that actually work. I saw some reviews and pictures online regarding the Baebody Eye Gel, I purchased that and have not looked back! It is the best under-eye product I can find on the market.”

The difference you’ve seen: “The biggest difference externally is my under eyes, they are so much lighter, brighter and snatched! I can always count on looking like I got enough sleep even though that never happens. Internally it is so nice to be happy in the skin you’re in.”

How baebody makes you feel: “Baebody has made me feel: worthy. I am worthy of self-care, self-love, and taking time out of each day and morning to make sure I do something for me.”

Advice to your younger self: “What I would tell my younger self about skincare is to start NOW! Be consistent. What I would tell my younger self about the beauty industry, do what works best for you, everyone is unique, confidence is sexier (better) than any dress!”


Eleena: Bae with the good hair

Baebody products I’m most thankful for: BIOTON GUMMIES!”

When you started using baebody: “March 2020 till present”

The difference you’ve seen: "My hair has become transformed by the biotin gummies! My hair used to be fragile, broken, dry and dull. Now my hair is super thick, shiny and strong. I have noticed a difference in my skin and nails as well, but my hair was the biggest change for me!”

How baebody makes you feel: “CONFIDENT! I used to hate how damaged and lackluster my hair used to be. I always wished to have long, pretty hair and now I finally feel like I have that! 

Advice to your younger self: “Always wash your face before bed and USE SPF! I used to bake in the sun with no SPF and would tan in tanning beds religiously. I would often go to bed without washing my face and never used quality products or ingredients. Now I’m seeing the side effects of what not taking care of your skin can do. I definitely wish I found a skincare line I loved sooner!"


Laura: Baebody serum super fan

Baebody products I’m most thankful for: “Baebody’s Hyaluronic Acid + Retinol Serum has made the biggest impact, but I am quickly falling in love with Baebody’s new Collagen Moisturizer. It feels like velvet when I apply it (love that!), and, for someone headed towards 65, it helps plump my skin. I really do feel like I look younger than I did 5 to 10 years ago.” 

When you started using Baebody: “A friend recommended I try the hyaluronic acid followed by the retinol serum. I use them morning and night.”

The difference you’ve seen: “My skin is less wrinkled and my dark spots are less noticeable.”

How Baebody makes you feel:Thankful. I trust baebody. I am getting better results AND spending less money with baebody products.”

Advice to your younger self: “Start your skin care program at an earlier age, stick with it consistently, and stay out of the sun!”


Marisa: Confident skincare lover

Baebody products I’m most thankful for: Collagen Moisturizer!”

When you started using Baebody: “It was given to me as a gift and I never heard of baebody prior! Now I am absolutely obsessed.”

The difference you’ve seen: I've always struggled with acne and breakouts and the baebody collagen moisturizer has been a game changer for my skin!!!! It truly makes my face feel so full and radiant. I'm amazed at how quickly it’s changed my skin and how much more confident I feel since using the product.”

How Baebody makes you feel: “CONFIDENT! because when my skin looks and feels good, I feel so good!”

Advice to your younger self: “Invest in great skincare if you want your skin to look and feel good! Skin deserves love too!”


Lorraine: Newfound fan of baebody

Baebody products I’m most thankful for: Retinol Moisturizer

When you started using Baebody: “I had wrinkles and needed something to help with them.”

The difference you’ve seen: My skin felt better, made me feel better about myself when I noticed wrinkles started to go away.”

How Baebody makes you feel: “Thankful! I found something that worked.”

Advice to your younger self:Just wish I would have used it earlier.”


Susan: Baebody lifelong fan

Baebody products I’m most thankful for: Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner and the Eye Gel!”

Why you started using Baebody: “I started using the Baebody Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner because my hair was thinning. I was losing hair and it was breaking easily.”

The difference you’ve seen: The biggest difference internally and externally is that I feel healthier. My hair feels better. It feels fuller and I have more shine. My facial lines have become less noticeable and my under-eye circles are much lighter.”

How Baebody makes you feel: Radiant. The condition of my skin and my hair makes me feel younger.”

Advice to your younger self:I would tell my younger self that it is important to use sunscreen regardless of the season. I would also use more skin/hair care products that are all natural because of how they make me feel!”

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