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With Earth Day around the corner, it’s really gotten us thinking about how we can be more kind to the planet. After all, Earth is the only planet with skincare! Figuring out how to be more sustainable can be overwhelming, so we’ve rounded up our favorite self-care sustainable swaps that are cheap & easy to implement into your routine. Did we mention everything is available via Amazon Prime for under $20?


 Bamboo Hairbrush & Comb Set: Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on earth. It has a rapid regrowth cycle & can be grown without chemicals. Bamboo brush bristles will help hair dry quicker while creating a sleek & shiny finish. This kit includes a scalp massage brush, mini brush, wide-tooth comb & tail comb for $18.99! It’s also suitable for all hair types. Pair this with our argan oil shampoo & conditioner for extra luscious locks.


Reusable Organic Facial Pads: Did you know that traditional single-use cotton balls & makeup wipes end up in landfills? Cleanse your skin & remove your makeup with a clean conscience with this set of 20 reusable organic bamboo cotton facial pads for $12.99. Unlike single use wipes, this set will last you a whole year! Pro tip: use two pumps of our fractionated coconut oil on the facial pad to gently remove makeup.


Eco-friendly Shower Loofah: Unlike traditional plastic loofahs, this set of 3 natural Egyptian loofahs are BPA-free, non-toxic & sustainable. Available for $16.97, these loofahs deliver a luxurious exfoliation by gently removing dead skin cells & promoting whole body hydration. For an extra effective exfoliation, pair with our coconut body scrub.  


Reusable Grocery Bags: What is one of our favorite ways to be sustainable? It’s simple: BYOB (bring your own bag, of course!). Single use plastic bags, just like the one’s from the grocery store have devastating effects on our oceans. Last year alone it was estimated that there were over 300 million plastic bags in JUST the Atlantic Ocean. This set of 4 organic cotton mesh reusable bags for $13.99 is a great way to be sustainable and stylish and can be used for groceries, travel, school etc. And not to worry, these small but mighty reusable bags can support up to 40 pounds each!


Bamboo Razor: Just like a lot of single use plastic products, conventional plastic razors often end up in landfills and oceans. Bambaw set out to create an eco-friendly solution without compromising a smooth shave and created the first Bamboo double edged razor that’s built to last a lifetime. This $17.99 razor is perfect for men and women and comes with a paperless manual for tips & tricks to make the most out of your bamboo razor. For some post-shave moisture, apply our sweet almond oil as the last step of your body care routine!


Stainless Steel Fruit Infusing Water Bottle: Getting your 8 glasses of water a day just got a little bit easier (and sustainable!) This 16oz stainless steel fruit infusing water bottle is the ultimate spring accessory you never knew you needed. With a special infusing compartment to add fruits, herbs or tea bags to your drink, this BPA free, double insulated water bottle will keep your drink cold for 12 hours! It is portable enough to take on-the-go and super easy to clean & maintain and only costs $19.99. Wellness Tip: infuse our collagen tea for a boost of hydration and your daily dose of collagen!


Silicone Bags: One reusable silicone bag can replace 350 single use plastic bags. Yes, you read that correctly! This set of 10 reusable silicone bags proves that small swaps lead to big change, and for only $13.49, we can’t add to cart fast enough! Not only are these bags BPA free, leak-proof and freezer safe, you can use them to store skincare, cosmetics, jewelry & more!


Cork Notebook:  Did you know that cork is a highly renewable resource? Cork wood is 100% recyclable & biodegradable and can be harvested without causing damage to trees.This super sleek notebook is a sustainable and versatile option to keeping yourself organized. Featuring a durable cork cover and high-quality recyclable, acid free paper, this notebook is the perfect place to keep all of your bright ideas!


Curious which of these swaps our team is loving? Head to our Instagram to see our reviews, tips & tricks! Don’t forget to let us know your favorite sustainable self-care swap is by commenting on our latest Instagram Post.








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