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Hair health starts at the scalp. Yes, you heard that right. And if you want healthy lustrous locks, a gentle yet effective scalp care & haircare routine is essential. At baebody we want to encourage you to treat your hair with the same care as your skin, body & within so you can have your happiest, healthiest hair yet; and that means providing top quality clean haircare products that make you and your hair look & feel its best. Incorporating scalp care into your routine can help to regulate excess oil, target flakes & dead skin cells, replenish moisture, help soothe irritation, promote circulation for healthy hair growth and help to strengthen weak and brittle strands.

Now that we’ve established the benefits of a healthy scalp, let’s get into 3 ways to step up your scalp care game. (HINT: it’s easier than you think!)


TIP #1use gentle products geared towards your current concerns

Just like your skin, your hair type is unique to you, and choosing complementary products in line with your hair goals is just as important as the skincare you choose! No matter what products you use, avoiding harsh ingredients and additives like parabens, phthalates & sulfates is important to the overall health of your hair. Parabens have been linked to hair thinning, sulfates are known to over cleanse the hair which results in drying out the hair, and phthalates can lead to hormone disruption which can contribute to hair loss.

If your hair type is thinning, curly or oily, and your hair goals include balancing excess oil and build up, fighting dandruff & reinvigorating your hair our tea tree range is for you! The active ingredients in our tea tree haircare range are tea tree oil to provide some seriously scalp soothing & dandruff deterrent benefits, and peppermint & shea butter restore, moisturize, protect & strengthen hair.

If your hair type is dry, dull & your hair goals include overall hydration, protection against breakage & next level nourishment, our argan oil haircare range will be your new BFF! Superstar ingredients like argan oil, almond oil and avocado oil work to hydrate, repair and fight frizz while adding a non-greasy shine.


TIP #2wash less often

We know, this one sounds a bit funny. But hear us out… Over-washing and cleansing hair can lead to stripping the hair of natural oils that are essential to keeping your hair balanced and hydrated. We recommend washing your hair anywhere from 2-4 times a week depending on your lifestyle. And don’t forget – dry shampoo is your friend between washes!


TIP #3incorporate weekly scalp massages

Let’s face it, we could all use some added relaxation to our everyday routines, and scalp massages are a quick and easy way to unwind. Not only are they uber relaxing, but regular scalp massages can help strengthen your roots, enhance blood flow circulation, and reduce tension resulting in stronger, healthier hair. All you need to do is take your fingers, or a scalp massager like this one on Amazon and with light to medium pressure start massaging in small circles working your way across your scalp to cover the entire area. Scalp massages can be done in just 5 minutes with wet or dry hair.


Whether you’re trying to incorporate more intentional self-care rituals to your routine, or you’re looking to take your hair game to the next level, little things like weekly scalp massages, or making the switch to cleaner products can vastly improve the quality of your hair & self-care.


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