The 8 Best Wellness Products to Kickstart 2021

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The 8 Best Wellness Products to Kickstart 2021

2021 – we welcome you with open arms! We’re channeling positive vibes and choosing to only look forward as we move into the new year. We’ve had some time to reflect and while 2020 was a bit...chaotic, and we are thankful for one very important lesson it taught us: the importance of inner and outer well-being. As we celebrate International Mind-Body Wellness Day, we’re ready to kickstart 2021 with a few products that will help achieve a healthy mind, body and soul connection for whole body wellness!

Baetea Detox Tea

Who’s ready for a detox? Our detox teas are the any-time helping hand for cleansing and purifying the inner body, naturally suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism. Each bag is packed with a nutritional blend of green tea, ginger root and pomegranate, which helps relieve bloating and increases energy levels for the day ahead. Available in both 14-day and 28-day supplements, you can find these now on Amazon starting at just $19.95! (Or find them on as we celebrate the New, Year with 50% off through 1/6/21!)


Oil Diffuser

As the #1 best seller in Aromatherapy Diffusers on Amazon, this essential oil diffuser has all the works. With eight soothing colors and two misting modes, this diffuser is great for early morning meditation or nighttime relaxation. A compact product, the diffuser easily fits on a desk, countertop or nightstand without taking up much space and keeps misting until the water runs out. Choose your favorite essential oils and enjoy! 


Baebody Gummies

Yep, our hemp oil multivitamins are an all-in-one action-packed gummy. Known for supporting digestive health, reducing inflammation and providing an immunity boost, these vitamins are packed with hemp oil and each bottle comes with 60 pina colada and strawberry flavored gummies. Take two a day and keep the mood swings away for just $15.95. (Now on sale!)


Mindfulness Cards

Practicing gratitude is associated with greater happiness. If you’re not sure where to start, these mindfulness cardsare an easy way to bring awareness, calm and joy to everyday life as they are divided into four color-coded mindfulness categories: Rest & Balance, Insight & Awareness, Curiosity & Joy, and Kindness. With more than 50 prompts, these cards engage the mind and body for a daily dose of gratitude.


Baebody Coconut Scrub

We love a good exfoliator. This coconut body scrub contains the perfect blend of sea salt, coconut milk and almond oil to help get rid of pesky dead skin cells while also providing moisture for healthy looking, revitalized skin. You’ll want this luxurious self-care scrub because it’s rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that help prevent aging, and it contains high amounts of vitamin A and E to help soften and soothe skin while also reducing sun damage.


Tea Infusing Water Bottle

Add this tea infusing water bottle to your daily joys. Healthy and durable (and fashion forward!), this glass tea infusing water bottle won’t leach chemicals like plastic or rust and is resistant to thermal shock. Forever reusable, recyclable and sustainable, this slim and chic water bottle brews your favorite loose-leaf tea and herbal beverages.


Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Where better to practice mindfulness then on this non-slip yoga mat? An Amazon Choice product with a 4.6-star rating, this earth-friendly yoga mat provides extra grip and a slip-free experience. With premium cushioning, you will feel supported with every pose. Namaste my zen friends.


Gratitude Journal

Whatever your resolution, this gratitude journal is here to help you live in the now. This 52-week guided journal cultivates peace and presence by providing effective ways to practice mindfulness. With weekly themes focused on different aspects of mindfulness, daily writing and quick exercises to help you live moment to moment, this journal is the key to day-by-day mindful living.



We’ve got wellness on our mind and we’re digging into more than just the skincare and beauty side of self-care. We’re reducing negativity and growing our sense of calm because it’s important for our inner and outer well-being. Words to live by in 2021? Energy flows where intention goes.

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