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What is collagen tea and what does it do for my body?

In case you haven’t heard it yet: You. Need. Collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It provides strength and cushioning for bones, skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is responsible for skin strength and elasticity and what keeps our skin from sagging. The older we get, the less collagen we produce. And that’s the tea (no pun intended). If you’re thinking to yourself “now might be a good time to start looking for some collagen,” we got you! Baebody’s collagen tea is the first loose-leaf collagen tea on the market – and we’re excited to tell you all about it.

What are the benefits of drinking collagen tea?

Other than improving your overall wellness from the inside out? Well, we can certainly name a few! Baebody’s innovative and floral-flavored collagen tea is made with 2,500mg of consciously-sourced collagen peptides per tea bag for a youthful glow. For reference, 2.5 to 15 grams of collagen per day is safe and effective. Because each bag of Baebody’s collagen tea falls within that recommended range, you won’t have to worry about getting enough collagen in your daily routine. We’ve got you covered with your daily dose of glow.


To really hammer it home, here are a few of the top benefits of taking collagen:  

  • Slows the aging of skin by reducing wrinkles and dryness.
    • *Research alert! This study showed women who took a supplement containing 2.5–5 grams of collagen for eight weeks experienced less skin dryness and a significant increase in skin elasticity compared with those who did not take the supplement.
  • Increases the strength of nails and stimulates hair growth.
  • Assists in preventing bone loss.
  • Helps relieve joint pain.


Collagen does a lot for our bodies. We’re going to go ahead and shut down the potential thought “it’s too late for me to start taking collagen now,” because that’s wrong. It’s important to take collagen because of the health and wellness benefits. Plus, this tea is a good starting point if you’re looking to introduce collagen to your diet. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to take a pill – just sip away.

 Plus – the flavor of this tea will have your taste buds and stomach singing with joy. We’ve tried our fair share of murky water tasting teas and they are not our favorite. We had two very important goals for this loose-leaf tea: a) provide a healthy amount of ingestible collagen and b) create a tea that actually tastes good. This unique vanilla floral blend is rich in hibiscus, rose and passionflower for a delicious taste that is light and warm. If you want a mug full of immunity boosting benefits, this collagen tea will have you sipping your way to success.

 Good news for you, we don’t just stop at collagen tea! We also offer two other collagen products – our collagen moisturizer and collagen gummies. Our collagen moisturizer is a rising star and in case you didn’t know, topical collagen is just as important as the collagen you consume. It helps with skin cell reproduction to prevent aging and wrinkles in addition to keeping skin hydrated. Our collagen gummies are also the perfect addition to your morning ritual alongside the tea. If you need that extra boost of collagen, take two vitamins a day for an extra 96 milligrams.

 If you have the mindset of “I’m young enough, I don’t need more collagen,” (which would be something we’ve never heard!) then you can learn more about our other teas later on in this blog. We have something for the anti-agers, the detox crew and those that want a little extra energy!


When is the best time to drink this tea?

Most people’s energy levels are low in the morning and after meals, so the best time to consume this tea is after breakfast or lunch. We recommend drinking it about fifteen or twenty minutes after a meal so that your food has the right amount of time to absorb and properly digest. Which brings us to our next point – it’s best to drink this tea with food. Avoid drinking this on an empty stomach.


Is it best to drink the collagen tea hot or cold?

It’s up to you! Your tea, your preferences. We have found that letting this tea cool and serving it over ice is our personal favorite.


Tell us more about your other teas!


Spoiler alert – these teas are 50% off right now. Sip sip, hooray!


Our Vitamin C Energy Tea is the ultimate pick-me-up. It’s packed with black tea, yerba mate and red ginseng for a natural burst of energy. For those that read yerba mate and thought what the heck is that?, it is known to improve energy and boost mental focus. And red ginseng? It fights tiredness and increases energy levels and is also known to reduce inflammation. This tea also increases focus and provides antioxidants for overall wellness. Deliciously orange flavored, this tea is perfect for on-the-go, busy lifestyles that need a little zing without the caffeine. We suggest drinking it fifteen or twenty minutes after your morning meal.


Our 14- and 28-day Detox Teas are the any-time helping hand for cleansing and purifying the inner body, naturally suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism. Each bag is packed with a superfood, nutritional blend of green tea, ginger root and pomegranate, which helps relieve bloating and increases energy levels for the day ahead. Just like our other teas, we suggest drinking it fifteen or twenty minutes after your morning meal.



No matter how old you are, this collagen tea will be serving your body in several, very important ways. Adding this to your daily ritual will do wonders for your skin, hair, nails and joint strength. And with the recommended daily dose of collagen, it’s a win-win. While you’re at it, pump up the energy with our Vitamin C Energy Tea. And if you’re ready to conquer 2021 with new health and fitness goals and resolutions, our Detox Teas are the perfect addition.


Want to know more on our approach to inner wellness? Click here.














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