What is Collagen & why is everyone suddenly obsessed with it?

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It’s in your food, your skincare, your protein shakes & even your water! Everyone is talking about collagen and it’s one of the hottest ingredients for hydrating and plumping (neck and neck with hyaluronic acid, of course). Even if you’re not a skincare junkie, you’ve likely heard of collagen, as it has recently been dubbed the “fountain of youth” by some of the top influencers and media outlets.

Even with all the hype, people still have their speculations. So, we are here to give you all the TEA (and scientific research) on why collagen is the shining ingredient that should become part of your daily routine.

What is Collagen?

Glad you asked! Collagen is one of the MOST abundant proteins in our body and makes up for about a third of the body’s protein composition. (1) When people talk about the “building blocks” of our body, they’re talking about collagen. It helps our bones, skin, muscles, ligaments and more. Healthline says, “You can think of it [collagen] as the glue that holds all these things [your structure] together.”

The confusing thing about collagen is that there are 16 different types. How do you know which one is right for you? For simplicities sake, we are only going to talk about two. And for all you animal lovers out there (us included!), we are talking plant-based and regular, so keep reading!


What type of collagen should I use?

We know, we know – we just told you there are 16 different forms of collagen out there and you’re like what? How do I know what I’m buying? We got you! Not all collagen products are created equally, and we are here to help you with SIMPLE skincare!

The #1 form of collagen you should know about and that is included in our soon-to-be-launched Collagen Vanilla Hibiscus Tea (coming in August!) is Collagen Hydrolysate. Collagen Hydrolysate really is the key to that “fountain of youth” idea and will get you glowing from the inside out. Don’t believe us? Professors and doctors of a Skin Pharmacology and Physiology Group did a controlled experiment to test claims about anti-aging properties in certain dietary supplements (collagen hydrolysate science!!) and their effects on the body. They conducted a double blind, placebo-controlled trial with 69 women ages 35-55 and randomly took 2.5g or 5.0g of collagen hydrolysate or the placebo once daily for 8 weeks! In the end, both dosages of collagen showed a significant improvement in skin elasticity compared to the placebo takers!

Collagen #2 is a similar story, just the vegan version! Plant-based collagen is a recreation of the amino acid structure of collagen that was created by breaking down various plant proteins and recombining specific amino acids to mirror the amino acid structure of collagen. In other words, science found a way to almost exactly replicate how Collagen in our body and animal bodies works and made it for us out of plant parts! This is the key ingredient in our Collagen Gummies and our soon-to-launch Collagen Moisturizer (coming end of July… mic drop), plus it’s a personal fav of our team.

Now what?

Give it a try! Are you looking for something inner or outer? Maybe both? This summer we are launching Collagen Moisturizer and Collagen Tea! Until then, we have a delicious Collagen Gummy Vitamin that not only makes you feel like you just got back from a glowing vacation but tastes like it too. When you try out our collagen products, also make sure to pair them with a friend! Collagen plays best with hyaluronic acid, so complete your beauty routine with our Hyaluronic Acid Serum and our best-selling Eye Gel! (That is my personal regimen currently, 10/10 would recommend.) Also, GUYS get involved! Collagen isn’t just for the ladies; you need younger, plumper skin too dude.

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